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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Transformation of Anna

Last night about 10 friends got together with the sole purpose of transforming Anna.  We all have our special skills from God that we were able to use. We had fondue and drinks and here is how it went.

 Meet Anna

 Oh I really have to do this???

 First the nails.

 Could this dress make my eyes any bluer?

 The first roller

Last one in

 After a facial...then the makeup

 I got this stuff in my eye

 More good stuff

 Now the lips

Hair coming down

 Last touches

And Volia
 What a beauty!!

God made her beautiful inside and out...we just added a little extra! Thanks beautiful Anna for letting us give you a new look. Do I have any other volunteers?


Raevers said...

That is SO cool and what fun! I'm sure she was extremely pleased! I recognize those rollers, too! :) hehehe....

Carolee Crafts said...

Anna is beautiful Inka, thank you for visiting my blog

One of Many Jens said...

we just shining up the awesome so everyone can see it plainly. anna rocks! (and so do you by the by)

BlessedMommyOf 2 said...

She looks great!!!