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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Show and Tell Monday! The truth about the birds and the bees!

Well in case you haven't noticed...I love my garden and all things of nature! I have been sharing with you some of my flowers but today I just wanted to share with you the beasties that you will find in my garden. The bees are busy gathering pollen from my sunflowers and the finch and cardinal are enjoying the sunflower seeds....oh my so is the squirrel. He is completely inside the feeder. Of course there is my beautiful Poppy, enjoying a walk along the edge of the fish pond. He sure does bring me pleasure with his beautiful feathers and loving nature. I hope these will brighten your day also.
Blessings, Inka


Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Inka,

I don't think I have seen bees like yours. I mean they are in a shade of vibrant blue. The ones I see are always black. Thanks for showing us some interesting photos!

Pei Li

Carolyn Kocman said...

oh inka... i LOVE birds! i would love to meet your macaw...he must be so much fun to have in the family. i have always wanted one or i am not so sure the family is ready for that. i know they are a lifetime commitment and that is asking a lot. thank you for sharing!

Cottage Flair said...

Beautiful photos. What a great shot of the macaw. Have a wonderful Monday.

Anonymous said...

How relaxing~ just enjoying nature~S

Carol at Clutter Bug Studio said...

Hi Inka,
What beautiful pics. Are those bees really that blue?

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Oh I just love Poppy! He is so beautiful! I loved the squirrel practicing his yogo moves in the feeder. Too funny.

Thanks so much for the award! I'm flattered!

Lisa McDonald said...


Those darn squirrels always figure out how to get to the seed. Your bird is just gorgeous. The sunflowers and bee picture is amazing.


Cathy said...

Hi Inka,

I love my garden too. It has been raining for two days here and it is going to rain for two days more. By the time I get back out to see my garden, everything will be 5' tall. lol


gail said...

Hi Inka,,, your garden is beautiful, I wish we could grow things, (anything LOL) here in the desert! Is that your mccaw? I had one just like that one. Her name was Leah, my ex has her but she is incredibly smart. The squirrel is so cute in the bird feeder! I love squirrels and people make fun of me and say you have never had to deal with them. LOL (I still like them....) luv, gail

Inka Smith said...

Those bees are blue when the light hits them. Pretty color and a lot smaller than the honeybees I am used to seeing also.

Susan said...

I have that feeder and I have the same problem with Squirrely! I have a platform feeder, but he seems to love the adventure of hanging on a thin branch and working for dinner!

Patricia said...

Lovely photos! My sunflowers aren't in bloom yet--can't wait. The birds are great and Poppy is spectacular. I have an African Grey and get so much enjoyment from him. Your squirrel is too funny. Thanks for the walk in your garden.


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Great photos ! thanks for sharing them.
We loved living on the coast in the Panhandle.


Susie said...

Inka, I love your colorful pictures of the beasties as you call them in your garden. Keep them coming.
The Polka Dot Rose

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Inka, The picture of the squirrel in the feeder is too funny! I'm still giggling!

Silena said...

Hi Inka,
Who says we can't have a little bit of paradise here on earth? you certainly are to be commended for having such a wonderful place where some of God's creatures can give you joy! Thanks for the smiles on our faces!!

Unknown said...

I am so taken with your beautiful bird. Such wonderful colors and your great ability to capture them on film (or whatever the heck cameras use now, lol)
Have a beautiful evening,
Theresa @ Cottage Violets

Deb said...

Beautiful photos! I love the bees on the sunflower....thanks for sharing your garden world with us. :)

Pink hugs,

SoCal Helene said...

Inka, the photo of the Sunflower and the bees is just amazing, what a picture!!
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