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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Well Gail Tagged me and I have to tell everyone that reads this 7 things that you don't know about me. Here goes...Hope you are ready for this!!!

1. I sleep in my Birthday suit!!! LOL It is the most comfortable thing I have to sleep in. Don't worry Patty, I have brand new Jammie's for the Retreat. Sure don't want to gross you out.
2. I drive a convertible...well I used to. My Son has been driving it since he moved down here. Sure miss my car!
3. I have a serious addiction.... SUGAR!!! Any sweets will do. Cookies and ice cream are my preference but I love cakes, pies, candy bars, etc. I won't turn them down. When I go to a buffet I eat more than one. Sometimes I will order desert for an appetizer. Never know when you might leave this earth and I want my deserts!!!
4. I don't have a favorite color or a favorite flavor of ice cream. I love them all!
5. I drive too fast! Lucky for me I haven't gotten but a couple of tickets in my life.
6. I prefer a simple, non-complicated life vs success, pressure and drama. So what if I don't have any money as long as there is a gallon of ice cream in the freezer and craft supplies, I'm happy!
7. I really do not care for Dentists and Attorneys. They cause too much pain and cost way too much money!
Now I have to tag 7 more folks and I will probably tag someone who has already been tagged so deal with it.
1. Andie of Brown Bee Studio
2. Brandie of Little Lotti
3. Susie of The Polka Dot Rose
4. Pat of Patricia Rose
5. Carolyn of Carolee Crafts
6. Colby of Acorn Cottage Crafts
7. Karen of Sweet Necessi-teas


Brown Bee Studio said...

LOL This is my first tagging from you, so I'm not gonna hunt you down.....THIS time! lol ;0]

Patricia said...

Oh my, 7 things to come up with. My poor brain! Thanks, Inka,


Brandie said...

Thanks Inka! This should be fun. Hmm, 7 random facts about me, I'll have to think about it:) Be sure to visit my blog to see my fun facts!

Susie said...

Oh My! I've been tagged...truth or will have to catch my blog later on and see..
The Polka Dot Rose

gail said...

LOL Inka,,, we could find out a whole lot of stuff we might not want to know. I new I liked you!!! Thanks for playing..luv, gail

Deb said...

Hi Inka.....I had fun reading 7 things about you. I am bad about driving too fast too but can't seem to stop doing it. Had to laugh about your #3 and the dessert for an appetizer!

Pink hugs,

Shabby Shan said...

Hi Inka,
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving comments. Your puppies are so cute! I hope their not as spoilt as mine is. They are alot of company though.

Thanks Again,

Laura said...

Hi Inka!

I really got a kick out of reading the 7 things about I'm with you on #7! Nothing personal against lawyers and dentists,but I prefer not to be around them I've been tagged three times recently,but love it!
Have a great day!
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