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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Show and Tell Monday!

OK, I have to admit I do Love my garden. Even though it is August in Florida, I still love visiting all the wonderful blooms in the garden. The Angel Trumpet has finally bloomed this year. It's sweet fragrance fills the back yard in the evenings. The two colored Sunflowers look as if they are wishing each other warmth from the morning sun. The bright red Texas Star Hibiscus is full of blooms that the hummingbirds frequent often. We should have about 4 more months to enjoy God's generous gift to us. I will be sure to share all the moments with you.


Lilli Blue said...

How lovely inka. i can always count on you for a breath of fresh air! blessings, Lilli

Lisa McDonald said...

Amazing garden Inka, I would love to have those beauties in my yard!


Patricia said...

the angel trumpet is spectacular. Would be nice to sit with a cup of tea at night with that fragrance wafting about.


Silena said...

You are a fabulous photogragher...the kissing sunflowers are so much fun and the Hibiscus is a work of art. The trumpets are not so bad either...actually they are gorgeous! God's creations are amazing, aren't they? Thank you for sharing your joy of your garden with us! Just lovely!!

Carolee Crafts said...

The flower show is marvellous, good photos. Summer is such a lovely time of year. It would be lovely to work in your garden with the angel trumpet scent, very inspirational.

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Inka,

What lovely flowers you have! Enjoy the scent of fresh flowers every morning.

Pei Li

Cottage Flair said...

What amazining and gorgeous flowers. Such vibrant colors. I would love to look at those every day!

Cottage Collections said...

Ilove how vibrant the colors are eben in Auguest! We're past green now.. and moving right into the prettiest shade of brown!
beautiful Garden Inka!
xxoo, MB

Carolyn Kocman said... have a tropical, florida garden!!! it must be wonderful. your pictures are gorgeous, inka.

Susan said...

I have a pink trumpet plant...I love is getting ready for round 3 of summer blooms! Very pretty!
Susan *dutchrose*

Dianne Long said...

Beautiful flowers and photos! I love that picture of the sunflowers greeting each other, that should be made into some kind of positive thought poster!! If you do make it into one I want a copy!

I love all of your flower photos, but I'm especially attracted to sunflowers!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Wow Inka that is a beautiful garden. So much color. I wish I could grow such pretty things.

Cathy said...

Inka, you are killing me with those photos. It has rained so much here in N.E. that all of my flowers are on the ground. I can't even get any pretty pictures of my garden this summer. I'm so bummed out.

Keep those pretty pics coming.

xo Cath

Unknown said...

Hi Inka!

I'm with you! I also enjoy my garden although mine is small. Love the flowers! We're so blessed to have Florida sunshine almost he whole year and thank God no hurricanes so far! Yikes better knock on wood! lol
Have a great week!
Janet's Creative Pillows

kath@retromantic antiques said...

So beautiful. I love those trumpet flowers. Can't grow those in Wisconsin. k

Noelle Garrett Designs said...

Stunning garden Inka. Such beautiful bright colors. You can't help but smile!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Thanks for sharing Inka... I have no garden sigh. Your flowers are beautiful.


gail said...

Hi Inka,,, your flowers are so beautiful. Here in the desert it will be a couple more months before I can plant some more flowers, so enjoy yours and take a big wiff of that wonderful fragrance for me. Have a great day. love, gail

Unknown said...

Hi Inka,
You must have a big ol' green thumb. Those flowers are gorgeous and you photoed them just right. Have a wonderful evening,
Theresa @ Cottage Violets

Susie said...

Hi Inka! Thanks for taking me out in your Floridian garden again. I love all your flowers.
The Polka Dot Rose

cathy said...

OOh, what pretty pictures! Great photography too. What kind of camera are ou using?

Angel Heart Designs said...

Hi! Inka...WOW! Those are gorgeous!..beautiful garden..thanks for sharing
Cindy :)

SoCal Helene said...

Love your garden! Fantastic pictures, the colors are so vibrant!
Hope you have a wonderful!

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Fabulous photos Inka and I especially love the interesting way you took the sunflower photo. So sorry about your bike riding friend. ( )