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Monday, September 22, 2008

Show and Tell...On the way to Williamsburg VIA NC

The Make Mine Pink Retreat in Williamsburg, VA was over the top with information, meeting new friends, and goodies!!! Words can not describe all the wonderful things that went on every minute. Joyce Lucas and her family are absolutely the most wonderful folks you will ever meet.

I left on Tuesday to head to North GA to meet my ride, Dianne. We became instant buddies and earned the nick names of Thelma and Louise..Brad Pitt and all!!! We took our time on the journey to Virginia and made some new friends along the way. One of the towns we had many adventures in was Salisbury, NC. Here are a few pictures of the most darling General Store we shopped in.

Oh, you want to hear the rest of the story??? Well let's just say..."What happens in Salisbury, stays in Salisbury" As we journeyed back home through North Carolina, we did notice that there were no billboards with our pics on them!!! Whew...LOL

Enjoy life,


Susan said...

There may be no billboards...but did you check the blogs???LOL!!!

That store looks amazing...I love the cabinet with the lace coming out!

Patty said...

OMG, I love that general store. I wish I was there. We definetly have to take a road trip together. I would have bought everything in there. Love it and you thanks for being my roomie your were so much fun.

Brown Bee Studio said...

Oh Inka, I'd LOVE to have that green Hoosier cabinet!!!!
There may not be any billboards (too old school) but you better check YouTube! lmbo ;0] xoxo

Carolyn Kocman said...

wow! wish i had been able to travel to the antique shops with you. looks like a blast!

Susie said...

Hi Inka! You were a delight to get to know. You blew our socks off our sneakers with your bling girlfriend!!!! Talent! Okay, next year we are all going to Diane's and traveling with y'all to those great stores!! Miss you already.
Susie of The Polka Dot Rose

cathy said...

Inka, it was wonderful to get to meet you! You are such a lovely lady. Sounds like yall had as much fun on your trip as you did at the retreat.

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

HI Inka,

It sounds like you had a blast there! Great to know you enjoyed the trip so much.

Pei Li

Silena said...

Hi Inka,
Sounds like you and Dianne had a grand old is so much fun to hear all of the stories about Retreat. I love old general stores....they are so romantic and nostalgic. Can't wait to hear more!! Thanks for sharing!

Carolee Crafts said...

Where you mis behavin' me thinks?

Thanks for sharing the pic's of your journey, love the look of the trimmings, I would head straight for those.

Good to hear you enjoyed yourselves, I was thinking of you all stuffing chocolates!

SoCal Helene said...

Hi Inka,
I love the pics from the General Store, wouldn’t it be soooo much fun to have a store like that!!!! So, when do we get to hear what really happened at the Retreat……..It must have been so much fun to meet everyone! Have a great week!
;o) Helene
ps. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the sweet comment

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Inka - that store looks amazing. You must have been in there for hours. Sounds like you and Dianne had a great road trip!