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Friday, September 26, 2008

A Visit to Historic Jamestown, Virginia

Patty, My fun Pink Roomie. We had a blast!

Blacksmith in the Fort

Ships in the Harbor

Making a canoe

The finished canoe

The Fort

Cannons ready to protect the fort

Food supply

A Sailor and Me... Hubba Hubba!

Free time on the ships

Finding their way

Topside view of the lower level

Crows Nest

Indian Village

Inside one of the huts

Kids play

At the docks

Last week, Make Mine Pink had a wonderful Retreat in Williamsburg, Virginia. On a free day my roomie, Patty and I went to Jamestown to see our country's early history. There were two Museums there along with the Indian Village, Fort and docks where the 3 ships brought over the settlers. They also had a 30 min. movie of the story of John Smith and how the Indians helped the settlers survive during rough times. It was all very interesting. Everyone was dressed in period clothing and explained all of our questions. Much fun was had!

Hope you enjoyed your visit with us there.



gail said...

Hi Inka, Man I miss your smile. You are just awesome. It looks like you and Patty had a great time. We didnt get to do much exploring. I would love to go back someday. Thanks for sharing..luv ya, gail

Patricia said...

Inka, loved the pictures that came through, but I got alot of little red x's. Don't know if my computer is having the meltdown or your blog. Thanks for sharing, miss you