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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Catch of the Day at Bass Pro Shop.

Faith loves the outdoors so she spends a lot of time at Bass Pro Shop. After work she headed to Spanish Fort, AL to find a special fishing pole...a pink one of course!

 When she arrived there she was intrigued with all the toys they had out front. First she checked out a fishing boat. It was loaded with everything a fishing chic could ever want. Then she went for the Bad Boy four wheeler. "That would be fun on some of the clay trails down here in the South", she thought to herself before spotting something for her sister Hope. A truck that had her nickname on it...Red Head.

The night was a little chilly so she warmed herself by the fireplace just inside before she went on her quest for her "lucky" pole. After she found just the right one she had dinner at the restaurant  and then went to look at the kayaks. Of course the trip would not be complete without getting some homemade fudge in the General Store.

On her way out she met a very nice guy, Darrell. He said he had a brother named Darrell for one of her Sisters. He had just purchased a boat and they discussed fishing techniques and live bait vs lures. Could this be her "catch of the day"?
Well she was wearing her lucky fishing necklace that can be found at Inklings Designs: With her as the "live bait" and the necklace as the "lure" how could she not land the big one!

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 On her way...

 Big Mercury powering this one.

 Nice Boat.

 Look at all of these Toys!

I love to four wheel.

 Just for Hope.

 Warming by the fire.

Off to shop.

Dinner time.

 Huge aquarium inside the restaurant.

 So many choices.

 Found the right one.

 Window shopping for Kayaks.

This place is so cool!

 That was a great shopping experience!

Well Hello Darrell!

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