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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas in New Orleans

Gracie's sister, Hope, decided she needed a break for a few days right before Christmas. Things are always crazy about that time and she wanted to escape the norm and maybe enjoy some Christmas Cheer in a different City.

 She was looking for decorations, music, shopping, and great food...humm what better place to find that than in New Orleans. She was able to talk two of her close friends to go with her, well it did not take much to get them to go along. The weather was fabulous and the girls were looking forward to having another new adventure together.

It is a short drive to New Orleans from the Sunshine State so they arrived in the afternoon. After checking in their room they headed through the French Quarter gazing in each window to see if they wanted to venture inside. The Quarter was festive with all the Christmas decorations and the girls almost had sensory overload at all there was to see, smell and hear. A few new Christmas ornaments were purchased at one of the unique boutiques and of course pralines were sampled. They decided to try Acme Oyster House for dinner. There is always a line there but the wait went quickly. Dinner was consumed and the girls headed to the Hotel for rest.

The next morning they headed off to Cafe Du Monde for coffee and beignets and some people watching. Then they were off again to do some sight seeing and more shopping. Well... Ok...they had more pralines too. After all this was a mini vacation. They strolled along Jackson Square and enjoyed the sidewalk artist before they decided to take one of the bus tours of the City and Cemeteries. So much history was learned about New Orleans and oh how beautiful were the homes in some of the historic areas.  After the 3 hour tour they enjoyed a Cajun meal of beans and rice and headed back to rest. The walk along Canal Street was magical that night as 3 friends walked down the sidewalk singing Christmas Carols to the music of the lone trumpeter on the street.

The next morning they toured 2 of the many Plantations along the Mississippi River. Mint Juleps were served on the veranda and one last Cajun meal was had before heading home again.

Hope returned home refreshed. She was relaxed and comfortable during her trip wearing her New Orleans Saints tee shirt and Necklace she purchased from her sisters favorite on line boutique, Inklings Designs.

Hope you enjoy some of the many photos that were taken on the trip.

Hope looks good in her outfit...don't you think?

 Saints Necklace

Sandra Bullock's New Orleans Home

 If your are "flocked" in New Orleans it is not with Pink Flamingos but with Black and Gold ones.

 Camellias in bloom everywhere

 Cafe Du Monde

 Jackson Square

 Awww the window shopping

 This little Miss Gator even has a pink cell phone in her hand.

 Forget the Frog bouts the whole thing?

Notice the period dress worn by the women at the door.

God is Good!!!

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BlessedMommyOf 2 said...

I so need to go to New Orleans!! The architecture is amazing. Looks like you ladies had a great time:)