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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cell Phone Pouches by Le Femme Rose!

This is a true story. My friends name was left out to protect the stupid but everyone knows me!!! LOL
My good friend and I have sort of a contest going to see who does the dumbest things each week. Now mind you we don't do these things on purpose...we just do them...or should I say, they just us! Sometimes I win, OK most of the time I win but sometimes she wins too. We laugh at each other and say we won the award that week. Well the other night I was doing laundry and while standing in front of the washer I decided to wash the jeans I was wearing so I took them off and in the washer they went. I put on my painting clothes and headed to paint. When I sat down I realized I did not have my cell phone. Oh where, oh where could my cell phone be??? In my jeans pocket maybe?? Oh yes, in the pocket of the jeans that I just put in the laundry. It was retrieved and was saved by my techie son the next day, thank goodness. Well I could not phone my friend that night to tell her I won the award so the next day I phoned her from the office. Her phone went right straight to voice mail, which it never does. I just thought she forgot to charge it or something like that. A little while later I received a call from her office. She said "you would not believe what I did yesterday". I replied "yea me too". She started first and said that she had pulled into a parking lot and when she got out she dropped her cell phone into her new glass of ice tea! As Southerners we are always drinking sweet tea. I could not stop laughing at her long enough to tell her my story. I think it was a toss up for the award that week...What do you think?
Teriann of La Femme Rose, just designed these cell phone pouches. Of course I had to have one for me and my friend. They are just beautiful and come packaged so lovely. She has so many choices of fabric to choose from. You must check out her site and order yours today. No more cell phone mishaps for us!!! You either if you order today. You can hang it from your purse...I hang mine on the belt loop of my jeans. The charms she puts on them reminds me not to wash it!


Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Inka, that is too funny! I think the cellphone pouches are great! Maybe I should order one, too!
Pink hugs, Karen

Anonymous said...


The photos look great!! Thank you. I almost washed my bluetooth headset last night! WHEW... thank God I felt a "lump" in the pocket of my shorts!

Hmmm... maybe a new design on the horizon for that too? LOL!!

Thanks bunches!

xoxo Teriann

Patricia said...

I think you and your friend are tied for this one! The cell phone pouches are really nice, Terrianne does a beautiful job on them. Maybe I'd start remembering to take my cell phone if I get one!