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Monday, July 28, 2008

Show and Tell Monday! Sad Day for Southern Cruisers Bike Club # 164

The Big Teddy Bear in the front row right was just that...a big teddy bear with a bigger heart! He celebrated his 51 st birthday that day. This picture was taken just last Saturday in the mountains of North GA. I'm the "pink one" in the middle! LOL

When you look at these pictures you are sad to see that someone is not with us here any longer. One of my Biking Friends Passed away on Wednesday in his sleep. The funeral was in a small town in Mississippi about 3 hours away from Pensacola, FL and there were over 40 of us friends that rode to say our final farewells to a good man.
When I first met my Sweetie Tom, he was a Harley rider. Not with a club or anything but he loved his bike. I on the other hand was not. Afraid of them and the image that you conjure up about those who ride motorcycles, I did not want to have anything to do with that kind of life. I loved pink...not black leather! As Tom won my heart I agreed to go for my first ride with him. As we left the parking lot I thought to myself "Oh my gosh...I'm going to die" I almost made him stop so I could get off but being the stubborn woman that I am I held on and tried to breathe. After a while I found myself actually enjoying it. The smells of the honeysuckle, the view you get from all angles the wind in your face and of course holding on to a nice looking man did not hurt either. I could see why dogs like to hang their heads out of the window now! By the time I got back to the office I was hooked. I did learn the hard way about helmet hair but that is another story. LOL
Several of our neighbors were members of Southern Cruisers Bike Club and invited us to join. We went to a meeting and agreed to join. Like most people's first impression of these folks in leather, I was a little less enthusiastic about jumping right in but of course I did... with both feet. I was very surprised to find that under the leather, beards and dew rags were, business men and women, teachers, accountiouns, real estate agents, retired military and moms just to name a few, with a common interest of just getting out and riding motorcycles and earning money for charities. Well OK we are an eating club. You know...we ride to eat! Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner it does not matter. LOL This group of friends has been a blessing in my life. I know that if there is anything I would ever need help with I am just one phone call away and everyone will be there. Whenever you see people in leather and beards riding, please don't judge them by their looks and treat with with respect on the road. It could mean their life.
I hope you have a good day and enjoy your ride no matter what the vehicle you choose!


Brown Bee Studio said...

Inka this is a lovely tribute to your friend. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you mourn your loss. {{{pink hugz}}} xoxo

Cottage Flair said...

The photos and post are just lovely ... a beautiful tribute to your friend. I am so sorry for your loss.'

Anonymous said...

What a difficult day this must have been~ I am sorry for your loss. What a nice tribute to a wonderful friend~ nice that he spent so much time wiht you and was surely happy after a fun weekend ~ Godspeed my Friend

Lisa McDonald said...


The photos are gorgeous. What a fitting tribute for your dear friend.


Susan said...
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Susan said...

I tried to post and something went awry...let me try it I said, a beautiful memorial...and to quote John Donne...every man's death diminishes me for I am involved in mankind...
Susan *dutchrose*

Noelle Garrett Designs said...

Inka this is a beautiful tribute to your friend. I am so sorry. My prayers are with you and his family. Take care!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute to your friend. The photos are wonderful and touching.
hugs and prayers to you and your, xoxoxo

Lilli Blue said...

If I knew what the words were that would ease your heart break I would say them over and over. he was so lucky to know and be loved by all of you. We must all enjoy everyday! Sweet Inka. We love you. Lilli

gail said...

Hi Inka,,, what a nice tribute to a great man. I am sorry for your loss and his familys loss. You have a great group of friends. I think its awesome you discovered riding. I have several friends who ride also. GREAT people, and these clubs raise alot of money for charities. I dont think most people know that. Thanks for sharing. (())gail

Eileen & Karen said...

Inka, I am sorry for the loss of your friend! The memories you have made together will be yours for a lifetime. What a sweet tribute!
Forget Me Not Dreams

Patricia said...

Inka, I'm so sorry for your loss. He must have been smiling down at the last ride for him. It's what made him happy. My prayers to you, his family and the club for some comfort after losing such a good friend.


Susie said...

Inka, The pictures and stories of your dear friend are very touching.Sending you pink hugs(()). He will always be with you all.
The Polka Dot Rose

Silena said...

Dear Inka,
So very sorry for the loss of a dear friend.....your tribute to him is beautiful and touching. Prayers for you and your friends and for your friend and his family.

Unknown said...

Too young to lose. Sorry for your loss.
Prayin' for you,
Theresa @ Cottage Violets

SoCal Helene said...

Hi Inka, that a wonderful gift from your Mom and such a clever idea.
I just read about your dear friend Tom, I’m so sorry for your loss.
I have been riding my Harley for over 25 years and have never really run in to any bad people even if some of them look quite scary the most of them have the biggest heart you can imagine……