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Friday, May 30, 2008

Fancy Pinks in Lilli's World of Lilli Blue's Vintage Rescues

Now this is where life gets nutty. When I downloading the pictures of the hotel I found this picture of my boyfriend, Tom, it was taken on a trip he took to see his friend Drako in Coecia. Can you believe it? my honey infront of a pink building! It's everywhere!

What could be more perfect than photos of the Beverly Hills Hotel on PINK Friday!!LOL It is lovingly called the Pink Palace.

The car on the end is a Rolls Royce. Not pink but really cute!LOL. All the valets wear pink shirts. This one was a sweety and posed for me.
Happy Pink friday! Love, Lilli XO

It's Pink Friday!!!! "Springtime in Paris"

Welcome to "Springtime in Paris", Make Mine Pinks first Pink Friday. Please check out my website for what I have to satisfy your Parisian tastes!!!
There are many other boutiques that have wonderful items also. Click on the "Pink Friday" Icon to see them all!!!!
Hurry because today is the only Pink Friday this week!!!
Stay tuned for what is on for Pink Friday next week!!!!...New Themes every Pink Friday!!!!
Enjoy, Inka

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Look What Lynn found!!!!

Check out the license plate!!!!!

How cool is that???

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yes...I am one of those biker babes!!! LOL

I ride with my sweetie Tom and yes he is a retired Marine! We are members of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club here in Pensacola and we love it! Several of our neighbors are members too so when we head out of the neighborhood the others say...there goes those bikers! LOL Our rides usually include a stop off at a great eating place where we attract a lot of attention, not because of our leather but because of all the laughter coming from our group!!! We had a sweet ole lady come up to us and ask us what "gang" we were members of. We all just laughed and said "The Crazy Angels"! I look crazy in this picture don't I??? Pink helment and all. Janet, I need that pink motorcycle!!!LOL

Life is too short...laugh a lot! It is good for your soul. Inka

Janet has lots of PINK in her world!! Check it out. Janets Creative Pillows

The first one is Tire Place a few miles from where I live. The second pic is a lingerie place also several miles from where I
Then there is me wearing my light pink shoes. A pic of a pigmobile a pink motorcycle and finally a lip pillow I made. Hope you enjoy them..Janet
Janet...These are great the pink motorcycle! I want one. Inka

Monday, May 26, 2008

Bunny with B. Catherine Designs has some PINK in her world! Check it out.

This house is in the town my husband works in & I love it!! A Pink Victorian! Bunny

Bunny, I love it too! Beautiful, just beautiful. Thanks, Inka

Show and Tell Monday!

I have been busy with my mosaics lately! The mermaid will be added shortly to my website and the whimsical painting will not be for sale until "Pink Friday" which is May 30!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another Great "Pink" From Lisa, Pale Pink and Roses!!

From what I understand, there are cakes like this all over Charles County Maryland in celebration of their 350th birthday. How cool is that? Lisa

Here is a link to this story:

It is just amazing!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Brand new " Pinks" that you just have to see to believe!

Well Tom was out with his camera again this week and boy did he hit the pink jackpot!!! Which one is your favorite??? The pink potty and truck are pretty cool along with the love train but I have to say my favorite is the ad for the artist store!!! Wish I had a pink building to advertise my business!!! LOL

New stuff blooming in my garden!

I planted a "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" plant last year. It is a perennial that everyday the blooms change colors from purple to blue to white. I just love to look at it everyday with the different color blooms and it smells wonderful!!!
The Amaryllis is the first I have ever grown. I am so proud of it and hope to acquire more over the years. It has such a beautiful bloom and they come in so many colors that it is very hard to choose just one!
Happy Gardening, Inka

Tom's Beans

Tom has his bean garden and we had our first pick this week....YUMMMM!!!! Dinner was great. Wish yall could have been there. Along with the beans we had BBQ pork chops on the grill and baked sweet taters with butter, cinnamon and brown sugar. The beans were so good that we did not even share them with out 2 parrots. Shame on us!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Carol of Clutter Bug Studio has some more pink!!!

Carol was out with her camera again yesterday and caught sight of these PINK chairs!!!!
What is pink in your world??? Let me know.
Smiles, Inka

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mary of Shades of Wyldemor has some pink too!

Have I got a pink dress for you or what!! It is bubblegum pink? I nick named it the tooth fairy dress. A young lady from Norway bought it for reenacting. It is actually a pale peach shade but my camera made it come out bubblegum pink. I also sent you a shot of one of my lilies from last year. I have a huge garden (160 roses, plus perennials and flats and flats of annuals) I am shameless when it comes to the garden! Mary

Carol of Clutter Bug Studio has some pink too!

Isn't this the cutest bag on wheels? There's a great big flower on the front. This shop had lots of pink, but this was my favorite item. Carol

Lillian, Catherine and Me of Shabby Lane Shops!

Last night Tom and I had wonderful visit with Catherine, Lillian and their wonderful family. We had a great dinner in their condo where they were staying on vacation in Orange Beach, AL! Catherine has Isabella' Roses and Lillian has Shabby Denim Rose in the Shabby Lane Shops. I am in the Village.
We all make such close friendships online and it sure was a privilege to get to meet some of these great folks in person. Thank yall for that!

More Pink in my Garden!

I thought these were so beautiful!!! Just had to share them with you. Inka

New "Pinks" found by my Sweetie, Tom!!!!

Tom is always helping me keep a look out for "Pinks"! I can't wait to see what he will come home with next!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Debbie from Shabby Cozy Cottage has something pink in her world...check it out!

This is my watermelon pink flower "bed" in the backyard of my cottage shop, CozyCottage Gifts and Decor, in Paris, Arkansas.

It's Show and Tell Monday!!!

Here is my Shabby pink dog bed. Posing on the bed is "Queen India" in her pretty pink print sundress with a beautiful pink satin ribbon. She is lounging in the garden on this glorious morn!!!
The Dog bed will be on my website for sale under "Pet Parlor"! Check it out.

Suzanne's Beautiful Pink World!! Think Pink Creations

Pink is always in my world... with my last name being Pinkston! LOL! Here are a couple of pink items in my life. The Think Pink bear is the first thing I ever had manufactured. I just love him! Susanne

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jennifer at Cottage Flair has something Pink in her world!!!

Jennifer painted this Vintage bike herself and it sits on the front lawn of her shop in Madison, CT!!!! I think that is such a neat idea..don't you??