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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Catch of the Day at Bass Pro Shop.

Faith loves the outdoors so she spends a lot of time at Bass Pro Shop. After work she headed to Spanish Fort, AL to find a special fishing pole...a pink one of course!

 When she arrived there she was intrigued with all the toys they had out front. First she checked out a fishing boat. It was loaded with everything a fishing chic could ever want. Then she went for the Bad Boy four wheeler. "That would be fun on some of the clay trails down here in the South", she thought to herself before spotting something for her sister Hope. A truck that had her nickname on it...Red Head.

The night was a little chilly so she warmed herself by the fireplace just inside before she went on her quest for her "lucky" pole. After she found just the right one she had dinner at the restaurant  and then went to look at the kayaks. Of course the trip would not be complete without getting some homemade fudge in the General Store.

On her way out she met a very nice guy, Darrell. He said he had a brother named Darrell for one of her Sisters. He had just purchased a boat and they discussed fishing techniques and live bait vs lures. Could this be her "catch of the day"?
Well she was wearing her lucky fishing necklace that can be found at Inklings Designs: With her as the "live bait" and the necklace as the "lure" how could she not land the big one!

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 On her way...

 Big Mercury powering this one.

 Nice Boat.

 Look at all of these Toys!

I love to four wheel.

 Just for Hope.

 Warming by the fire.

Off to shop.

Dinner time.

 Huge aquarium inside the restaurant.

 So many choices.

 Found the right one.

 Window shopping for Kayaks.

This place is so cool!

 That was a great shopping experience!

Well Hello Darrell!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Faith takes a New Years Eve Kayaking Trip

Gracie and Hope have a younger sister, Faith. Faith is quite the outdoors lover. She shines the most when experiencing all the senses of the outdoors. Kayaking is one of her favorite things things to do. On New Years Eve she went with some friends kayaking at Magnolia Branch Wildlife Reserve located in Atmore, AL. She had never been there before so she was quite surprised at how much the campground had to offer.  It is nestled deep in the woods and makes you feel like your are light years away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Surely one of Atmores's best kept secerts. Located on Big Escambia Creek there are acres of pristine timberland and scenic waterfront. It is one of the many Creek Indian Enterprises run by the Poarch Creek Indians and only minutes from Wind Creek Casino.

The Tribal leader, Billy was there to greet everyone and volunteered to shuttle the group up creek to make it easier for them. Along the way he showed them some of the many things to do there, Horseback Riding, Zip Lining, Tubing, Camping, Fishing and many more. He talked of the native plants and trees that were along the way and told some Indian "Tall Tails".

When they arrived at the take off point they found the water level was just right with a few rapids and it was crystal clear. The scenery was as beautiful as Billy had described it to them. They stopped a little ways down the creek, beaching at a sandy spot and hunting cool and unusual stones. Faith's dog Bratt, who also went along, went for a swim and  driftwood was collected along the way in the rushing water and strapped to the back of a kayak. "This piece will look great in the garden", she thought to herself as everyone else was giving her down the road for dragging it home. It was sorta sad when the paddle came to a close because everyone was having so much fun.

After loading up the kayaks and equipment they had a wonderful cookout in the campground. Hamburgers and Hot Dogs were enjoyed and Billy stopped by to see if they needed anything else. He showed them where there was some great firewood to collect for later. After filling their bellies they relaxed fishing in the lake. Two catfish were caught but the fun was just having the pole in the water and watching the bobber float around with all their worries.

Around the campfire everyone had a taste of marshmallows and shared their New Years Resolutions which probably will be broken but it is nice to try anyway. Fireworks were seen all along the drive home. It was a great way to start the new year.

 Faith gets ready for the trip.

 Faith is wearing a Unique Handmade Turtle necklace that she got at Gracie's favorite online Boutique Inklings Designs: Since this necklace has found a loving home please check back soon for a new and very different Turtle Necklace.

Ready to go!

 Spider webs covered in dew, shining in the morning sun. What a beautiful sight.

 We're here!

 Lots of driftwood to be found.
 Bratt enjoying the paddle.

 A little white water...woo hoo!

 Was that a squirrel?

 Beautiful and peaceful.

 Nice piece of Driftwood.

What a beautiful Day!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas in New Orleans

Gracie's sister, Hope, decided she needed a break for a few days right before Christmas. Things are always crazy about that time and she wanted to escape the norm and maybe enjoy some Christmas Cheer in a different City.

 She was looking for decorations, music, shopping, and great food...humm what better place to find that than in New Orleans. She was able to talk two of her close friends to go with her, well it did not take much to get them to go along. The weather was fabulous and the girls were looking forward to having another new adventure together.

It is a short drive to New Orleans from the Sunshine State so they arrived in the afternoon. After checking in their room they headed through the French Quarter gazing in each window to see if they wanted to venture inside. The Quarter was festive with all the Christmas decorations and the girls almost had sensory overload at all there was to see, smell and hear. A few new Christmas ornaments were purchased at one of the unique boutiques and of course pralines were sampled. They decided to try Acme Oyster House for dinner. There is always a line there but the wait went quickly. Dinner was consumed and the girls headed to the Hotel for rest.

The next morning they headed off to Cafe Du Monde for coffee and beignets and some people watching. Then they were off again to do some sight seeing and more shopping. Well... Ok...they had more pralines too. After all this was a mini vacation. They strolled along Jackson Square and enjoyed the sidewalk artist before they decided to take one of the bus tours of the City and Cemeteries. So much history was learned about New Orleans and oh how beautiful were the homes in some of the historic areas.  After the 3 hour tour they enjoyed a Cajun meal of beans and rice and headed back to rest. The walk along Canal Street was magical that night as 3 friends walked down the sidewalk singing Christmas Carols to the music of the lone trumpeter on the street.

The next morning they toured 2 of the many Plantations along the Mississippi River. Mint Juleps were served on the veranda and one last Cajun meal was had before heading home again.

Hope returned home refreshed. She was relaxed and comfortable during her trip wearing her New Orleans Saints tee shirt and Necklace she purchased from her sisters favorite on line boutique, Inklings Designs.

Hope you enjoy some of the many photos that were taken on the trip.

Hope looks good in her outfit...don't you think?

 Saints Necklace

Sandra Bullock's New Orleans Home

 If your are "flocked" in New Orleans it is not with Pink Flamingos but with Black and Gold ones.

 Camellias in bloom everywhere

 Cafe Du Monde

 Jackson Square

 Awww the window shopping

 This little Miss Gator even has a pink cell phone in her hand.

 Forget the Frog bouts the whole thing?

Notice the period dress worn by the women at the door.

God is Good!!!