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Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Cruisin' For A Cure"..St Judes Hospital Memphis Tennessee

There was an alphabet wall that the children wrote their feelings on.

Love Quilts were sewn and displayed and given to the children.

Everything was bright, colorful, spacious, and clean!

Another Alphabet pic.

Tribuites to Danny Thomas, Founder, after his death.

There was a speaker that was a former patient and his Dad!

Just a few of the many building that make up St Judes Hospital in Memphis.

The Southern Cruisers Riding Club had a National Ralley in Memphis this past weekend. I met members from all over the country. Our main Charity is St Judes Hospital and we toured that while in Memphis. Did you know that it takes 1.3 million dollars a DAY to support that hospital? Yes a DAY! Did you know that when a patient is referred to St Judes that the Hospital picks up ALL of the expences including flight to Memphis and return visits after cured? I learned so much about this remarkable place. It is such a blessing to those who enter here. Our club as a whole raised almost enough to support the hospital for a day this year. It sure makes me proud to be a member. If you are looking for a good cause, please remember the children.


Walking in Memphis

I loved Beale Street. All the people watching you can possibly do. Inside the clubs and restaurants the walls were loaded with lots of goodies from days gone by. Oh and the RIBS!!! Yum!!

I love sweets so this place was a must!!!

My partners in crime over the weekend!!

Now you know why I had to have one of these!!!

Dr. Martin Luther King Museum

Motel where he was shot.

Window on right where the shot was fired.

I love this fountain. There were girls riding their bikes thru it. It has been in several movies including Blank Check.

This was fun too!

Bridge over the Mississippi River into AK.

Home of the Blues...Birthplace of Rock and Roll!

Southern Crusiers Bike Club had a National Ralley in Memphis Tennessee this past weekend. It was a great get away from the rains of T/S Fay in Florida. A good time was had by all even though the ride home was wet for many. We never made it to Graceland. Maybe next year.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Show and Tell Monday!! "Button Head" originals by Inka

A little Pink Fu Fu!!!
Oh La la!!
Red Hatters!

Custom Greeting Cards have been something that I really enjoy doing. Can you imagine the look on this customer's face when she received a gift from her friend with her dog on the greeting card!!!

I love Victorian Images!

Gingerbread Men are my favorite things!
Acorn Head Cuties!
Ho Ho Ho!
Scarecrows welcome Fall!
Mermaid Fantasies!
I would like to announce the arrival of "Button Head" originals. Note cards exclusively by Inklings Designs!
I have been doing handmade note cards and now I am proud to announce my newest creations. I will be focusing on doing other very unique and special ones to share with you.
We all email. It is fast and easy but when you receive a handwritten note from someone that you care really makes you feel special that that person took the time from their busy life to think of YOU!
I have many more designs that I will be listing on my site real soon. I hope that you will enjoy them and take time out of your busy life to make a difference in someone else's life. You can purchase these very unique creations @
I also have unique gifts! Make someone happy today.
I hope that they will make you smile!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Show and Tell Monday!

OK, I have to admit I do Love my garden. Even though it is August in Florida, I still love visiting all the wonderful blooms in the garden. The Angel Trumpet has finally bloomed this year. It's sweet fragrance fills the back yard in the evenings. The two colored Sunflowers look as if they are wishing each other warmth from the morning sun. The bright red Texas Star Hibiscus is full of blooms that the hummingbirds frequent often. We should have about 4 more months to enjoy God's generous gift to us. I will be sure to share all the moments with you.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Well Gail Tagged me and I have to tell everyone that reads this 7 things that you don't know about me. Here goes...Hope you are ready for this!!!

1. I sleep in my Birthday suit!!! LOL It is the most comfortable thing I have to sleep in. Don't worry Patty, I have brand new Jammie's for the Retreat. Sure don't want to gross you out.
2. I drive a convertible...well I used to. My Son has been driving it since he moved down here. Sure miss my car!
3. I have a serious addiction.... SUGAR!!! Any sweets will do. Cookies and ice cream are my preference but I love cakes, pies, candy bars, etc. I won't turn them down. When I go to a buffet I eat more than one. Sometimes I will order desert for an appetizer. Never know when you might leave this earth and I want my deserts!!!
4. I don't have a favorite color or a favorite flavor of ice cream. I love them all!
5. I drive too fast! Lucky for me I haven't gotten but a couple of tickets in my life.
6. I prefer a simple, non-complicated life vs success, pressure and drama. So what if I don't have any money as long as there is a gallon of ice cream in the freezer and craft supplies, I'm happy!
7. I really do not care for Dentists and Attorneys. They cause too much pain and cost way too much money!
Now I have to tag 7 more folks and I will probably tag someone who has already been tagged so deal with it.
1. Andie of Brown Bee Studio
2. Brandie of Little Lotti
3. Susie of The Polka Dot Rose
4. Pat of Patricia Rose
5. Carolyn of Carolee Crafts
6. Colby of Acorn Cottage Crafts
7. Karen of Sweet Necessi-teas

I have "Pink" Sugar from a Sweet "Pink" Sister!!!

I won Susie's of "The Polka Dot Rose", first blog contest!!!! She sent me some pretty pink sugar all wrapped up pretty with this nice tea greeting card! She also has her own personalized note cards and look folks....her own personalized ribbon. How cool is that?! Way to go Suzie and thank you so much for my sugar...I have the worst sweet tooth. That should take care of it.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Show and Tell Monday at Make Mine Pink!!

I just wanted to share with you a tote bag that my loving Mother made for me. She took my business card and used that design for the front of the bag. The inside of the bag has several pockets and this wonderful message to me. She also put some pockets on the outside back of the bag. I really am proud of it and will be taking it to Williamsburg with me in September.

Thanks Mom, Inka