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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Alligators, Driftwood and Loretta

Kayaking at 5 Rivers in the Alabama Delta today was very interesting. The weather was nice, the sky was blue and you could actually smell Spring in the air. I sat a few times and just listened to the wind blow through the cat tails and sea oats. It was a much needed "nature fix" for me. As I paddled along I enjoyed watching many interesting critters either feeding or sunning themselves along the shore but the most interesting one of all was Loretta, a cross eyed opossum wearing a St. Patrick's day outfit. The day ended with a picnic, a trip to Bass Pro Shop and a banana Moon Pie. Only in the South!

Help me.....I'm drowning.....

Sea Oats in the breeze.

This is a close as I wanted to get.

I love Driftwood


Told you she was crossed eyed

A picture is worth a thousand words...Now I have seen everything!