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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Southern Stuff...Fried Okra

Most of you are familiar with breaded fried okra but how many of you have ever had okra fried without the breading? Let me tell you it is as habit forming as popcorn and potato chips. As a matter of fact it has the crispiness of them and with salt sorta taste like them also. 
 First you want to pick and wash your okra.

 Dry on a paper towel.
 Then slice off the tips and ends of the okra pod.
 Then you want to slice them into small pieces.
 Place them into a skillet with hot oil. Be careful not to let the hot grease burn you. They will pop when put into the oil.
 Cook until nice and brown. Drain on Paper towel.
Add salt and munch away. They are crispy on the outside but still soft on the inside...Ummmm. Delish and with no extra bread to add calories to your diet. Now you know.