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Friday, May 30, 2008

Fancy Pinks in Lilli's World of Lilli Blue's Vintage Rescues

Now this is where life gets nutty. When I downloading the pictures of the hotel I found this picture of my boyfriend, Tom, it was taken on a trip he took to see his friend Drako in Coecia. Can you believe it? my honey infront of a pink building! It's everywhere!

What could be more perfect than photos of the Beverly Hills Hotel on PINK Friday!!LOL It is lovingly called the Pink Palace.

The car on the end is a Rolls Royce. Not pink but really cute!LOL. All the valets wear pink shirts. This one was a sweety and posed for me.
Happy Pink friday! Love, Lilli XO

1 comment:

Cottage Collections said...

Ohhh another place for me to visit! How can we not. We should see about a girlfriends getaway in Beverly Hills!
Thanks for this challenge. It's so much fun.