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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yes...I am one of those biker babes!!! LOL

I ride with my sweetie Tom and yes he is a retired Marine! We are members of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club here in Pensacola and we love it! Several of our neighbors are members too so when we head out of the neighborhood the others say...there goes those bikers! LOL Our rides usually include a stop off at a great eating place where we attract a lot of attention, not because of our leather but because of all the laughter coming from our group!!! We had a sweet ole lady come up to us and ask us what "gang" we were members of. We all just laughed and said "The Crazy Angels"! I look crazy in this picture don't I??? Pink helment and all. Janet, I need that pink motorcycle!!!LOL

Life is too short...laugh a lot! It is good for your soul. Inka


Patricia said...

Nah, you don't look crazy, you look like you're having fun! Good for you. Life is absolutely too short to not laugh,


Carolyn Kocman said...

aren't all of us a little crazy, inka? you look daaaaahling in that helmet! you go, girl!