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Friday, May 2, 2008

My Mornings!

My mornings are so important to me. Living in Florida the mornings are the best part of the day...cooler in the summer! I have my cup of coffee and head for the back yard with Poppy, one of my birds. First stop is to the fishpond to feed the goldfish. Then I visit all of the new blooms in the garden. I really enjoy watching them mature to something so beautiful. It just amazes me what God has created. Then I head to the kitchen for breakfast...eggs for Meshack, my African Grey. Poppy, my Blue and Gold Macaw and myself. Of course Meshack is saying, "want some" and Poppy is climbing down his cage to get to the table or under my feet while cooking waiting like the dogs for a tasty morsel to hit the floor. Too funny! My Chihuahuas, Isabella and India are tiny so the bird is bigger than they are and everyone gets along. This all comes to an end when I head off to work at the office but I enjoy what time I have and start my day off with a smile!

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Marsha G said...

Hi Inka,
I am just about in tears! This is a fabulous site!!! I am sorry I haven't been here sooner! I love everything you have done! I will be ordering from you and you can deliver to me at small group!!! You are a fantastic person, I am so very blessed to have gotten to know you and Tom now too. You deserve the best--you are a true artist in every sense of the word and your creativity is unbelieveable! So glad your boys are coming down, one to stay and the other to visit--I know you are thrilled with that. Tony & I got home last night about 8 pm and I thank God every minute for what he has done for us! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME; ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD! That is the absolute truth and may we all always remember that in our lives and the fact that he is with every single minute of every single day--how do we deserve that! I surely know it is through his grace totally that he even thinks of me. Love you guys and look forward to being with you again soon. (The music is fabulous--I could just sit here and listen to it allllllllll day! Thank you!!

Marsha G