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Monday, May 12, 2008

Finding a treasure when you least expect it!

Since I have moved down here I have Mother's Day with my Mom...just the two of us. Last year we had a picnic. She lives in Milton and neither one of us are the sharpest tacks in the box when it comes to directions. While riding around trying to find the park we found an even better treasure. A beautiful garden. I was so excited that we rode by the house three times. The family was arriving for Mother's Day dinner and I was afraid we would get in trouble for stalking so we went on our merry way. Well I never forgot about that wonderful garden and I told my Mom that this year we were going to stop and see if we could get some pics and really enjoy the gardener's hard labor.

We were wonderfully welcomed by Merna Richards. She was fixing her dinner again this year and Mom and I strolled all through her lovely yard. I just could not believe all the wonderful goodies I saw. This woman not only has a green thumb but a couple of other fingers too! She had pink poppies folks...yes pink. She said her garden was past its peak and that last month it was spectacular! Wow...where was I last month?? I still could not believe it could be more beautiful. I want to thank Mrs. Richards for letting us invade her on Mother's Day. She sure added something special to ours. I know where I am going to be next April!!! LOL Inka

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